Mother of mine

Ma, mother, mommy, mum, mom… whichever way you call her, she is just there for you. A mother’s love is the most unconditional and pure phenomenon for a child. Here’s my little attempt to write few lines about my mom:


I thank and love my ma all my days,

For guiding me through sunshine and sunset,

For enriching me in myriad ways!


My first exposure to this song (below) was in school when our music teacher, Mr. Pinto taught us.


Mother of mine

You gave to me all of my life

To do as I please

I owe everything I have to you

Mother, sweet mother of mine.


Mother of mine when

I was young

You showed me

The right way things

Should be done

Without your love,

Where would I be?

Mother, sweet mother of mine


Mother, you gave me

Happiness much more

Than words can say

I pray the Lord that

He may bless you

Every night and every day


Mother of mine

Now I am grown

And I can walk straight

All on my own

I’d like to give you

What you gave to me

Mother, sweet mother of mine.


For all of us who are missing our moms now and always (in all ways), just hug her if she is near you, call her if she is just a call away, or simply pray for her. Prayer has immense power in itself!

I thought to share this link with all my readers as a gentle reminder for all the fabulous things our mums have given us:


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