As Beautiful As Her Work

As Beautiful As Your Work

She is Shikha. She is flame. She is powerful. She is my mom and she is as beautiful as her work always, in all ways. Cancer has not taken away her indomitable spirit. She underwent brain tumor operation and the biopsy report confirmed it as lymphoma. She has been living with it three years now. She needs support to walk, had 22 radio and 6 chemotherapy sessions. A nurse and several medicines have become her regular companion now. Of course, my daddy looks after her but then he is old too. I am their only child and I am based out of my hometown.

She always craved to see the face of her grandchild. Her happiness knew no bound when I gave birth to my baby girl, Hiya.  This little bundle of joy is for you, ma.. and I love you. Here is my little attempt to write few lines about you:

I thank and love my ma all my days,

For guiding me through sunshine and sunset,

For enriching me in myriad ways!

My mom’s illness has left a deep scar in the my heart. I suddenly felt helpless and lonely and cried profusely hoping to get an answer, a solution…waiting for a miracle to occur. I realized there were two options in front of me – to sink deep in sorrow or to get up and fight back, to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. I had to choose one. I chose the second one. I chose hope, courage and prayer.

I realized that I had to take charge of not only my life, but my parents’ life as well.  I became the parent to my own parents! My mom remains an inspiration to me always. I thought if mom can take so much of pain in the form of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I need to be strong for her sake. I learnt to take life as it comes, to appreciate each day, not to take anyone for granted, especially if the person is as close to you as your mom. Life has taught me to smile and quietly do my daily work for I have “miles to go before I sleep”. I am what I am because my beautiful mom is with me always to show me the true meaning of life. I am proud to be the daughter of a brave lady.

As Helen Reddy very rightly said in ‘I am Woman’, “I’m still an embryo with a long long way to go”. Yes, it holds good for me.

This blog post is written for ‘As Beautiful As Your Work‘ Contest sponsored by Mia by Tanishq hosted by Women’s Web. Please watch the TVC.


3 thoughts on “As Beautiful As Her Work

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  2. Your feeling is very sensational.Yr mom (ie my didi) is a great lady & now she is fighting among all odds. Let us pray for her to our almighty.I am proud for u also who is fighting for her mother. I pray to God to give you more courage to overcome all odds.

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