Of Writing…

“Writing is one of the most solitary activities in the world”. Truly said by Paulo Coelho in his book, ‘The Zahir’.

While reading the book, I came across this sentence and wondered how true it is. Such a lovely sentence! It gives out a reality through its simplicity. You need to be alone for some time to give expression to your thoughts and pen them down. Be alone, be yourself for sometime. Writing is a therapy. Shut yourself from the rest of the world and do what you like to do always – that one activity that makes you feel good and encourages you to bounce back on life. For me, that one activity is good old writing. I prefer writing on a notepad with a pen than typing in a Word document.

Having said that, I suffer from writer’s block too. I think, having a writer’s block is normal, but not trying to overcome it is weird. Days after days, I suffer from writer’s block, then suddenly I am filled with ideas, but then I cannot pen them down always due to situational constraints.

I think everyone faces writer’s block at some point of time. Let me know what do you do to overcome it?


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