A guide to be a successful Project Manager

Have you been promoted to a Project Manager rank recently or you are simply wondering what is it to be a successful project manager or are awaiting promotion to the prestigious level of a project manager in your organization? Develop these skill sets to become a victorious Project Manager if you want to do justice to your job.

Be a people’s person and a good leader – Ask any industry experts and they will tell you that the one of the key attributes of the best project manager is their understanding of leadership and people skills. They consider these skills more important than any project tracking tools or any project management methodologies. The top – notch project managers aims for consistent delivery both on time and within budget so that their projects meet or exceed client’s expectations. That’s when the leadership qualities and people skills are important.

Develop a good foresight – Successful project managers possess the gift of foresight. They can identify problems that can put at risk several deadlines, budgets etc. thinking the worst and doing the best is one of the good qualities of a good project manager.

Be organized. A good project manager is calm and organized. He/she knows to stay calm in the face of pressure. They never shift from their focus. Be an expert in prioritizing the work for your team.

Master the art of good communication– Communication is an art and good communication skills are necessary in all aspects of business. As a good project manager, you need to be blessed with great verbal and written communication skills. You need to have exceptionally great e-mail etiquettes, you should have the ability to conduct meetings and status reports to communicate ideas, get decisions made and resolve problems. You have to identify the best and effective communication strategy to ensure that the message sinks in well to the client. You also need to be a good listener and encourage participation among team members as well.

Be practical– Sometimes project managers can be too analytical, which can hinder the progress of an ongoing project.  In order to be a good project manager, focus on getting the work done with the resources that are available to you at that moment. Proper utilization of the resources will ensure timely completion of the project and will help you to earn the stakeholders’ respect.

The ability to delegate and monitor a given work – Successful project managers need to smartly delegate the work that each team member will perform, and monitor the work to stay ahead on time and within budget. To deliver a project successfully on time requires a good team work. So, a project manager merely does not rest after delegating the work among the team members. He or she does a regular follow up to get a status report of the project, only then the project sees the face of successful completion.

Be empathetic – you cannot motivate or mentor your team mates if you do not have a clear understanding of the client’s needs. You need to know the client’s concerns about a project, take those concerns seriously and communicate it to your team so as to ensure proper and timely completion of the project.

All said and done, have the passion for whatever you do and success will be all yours, always!




3 thoughts on “A guide to be a successful Project Manager

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  2. Hi Rajash,

    This is a good post that will help project managers become even better project managers. I would like to republish this post on PM Hut where many project managers will benefit from it. Please either email me or contact me through the contact us form on the PM Hut site in case you’re OK with this.

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