A home is where the heart is. You can make a small one room flat look like heaven or you can go on cribbing about anything and everything in your palatial home. Choice is yours, really!

We are all creative by nature, so when it comes to painting your home to make it look beautiful, just let your imagination run wild.  Imagine your home to be a huge canvas where in you are the painter! I did it that way and trust me, it worked. Recently, we (my husband and I) bought our own flat and decorated it according to our choice. It may not be the world’s finest apartment but yes, it’s our own little haven, our cosy nest. As Jane Austen said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

It was not just the two of us who decided on the colors, interiors etc. but a huge team effort who helped us to reach our final decision. Months of research, several discussion with the interior designers, listening carefully to the suggestions of relatives and friends and all the hard work were finally answered. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who was present in our journey with us all through, especially the very own Asian Paints Home Solutions for their expert help and their cooperation. Without their help, our home would not be what it is today.

I have always dreamed of my own space that will have my touch in every nook and corner. Here it is today…and I am so glad. So, here’s a piece of advise to all those who have plans to move into their new abode and are looking for some great painting ideas – opt for Asian Paints Home Solutions. They help you  turn your dream home into a beautiful space with their home solution service that offers you many benefits like Hassle-free Service Experience, Expert Advise, Superior Finish etc. Do not forget to take their Home Painting Guide as your constant companion when you are painting your home.

In my retirement years, I want to buy a house by the sea side just like the one Manisha Koirala had in the film Khamoshi. I will paint it in my own shades of blue, white, sunset orange and green. I will put lots of photographs on the living room walls and the walls will be coated in Asian Paints Royale and some animal motifs (this I could not do in my present home). Animal motifs impart an earthly touch to the house. I want to wake up my bedroom with these animal motifs. So, the roar of the sea outside and the animal motifs inside my house would be a ‘wow’ combination! Charming, fascinating yet delicate…the list is never ending.

I am sure by that time Asian Paints will have many other shades to offer so that I remain spoilt for choice, yet again.

This post is written for the Asian Paints & Ripple Links Beautiful Home Blogger contest in association with Women’s Web.



    • hey thanks! yeah that’s my dream..hope it comes true someday…
      i have already started following your blog…you are good, you know!
      the name of your blog is yummy and delicious :) also reminds me of my errands to the kitchen while attending my baby daughter 🙂 lol…
      lets be in touch!

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