Pearls of wisdom my baby taught me

Like anyone else, life took a different turn when I came to know that I am pregnant. Initially, I was tensed and confused but slowly I started talking to my growing tummy where in my precious angel was growing. Now, I am a proud mom of Popoye (this is the name by which I will address my baby here), my little bundle of joy who is 11 and half month old. Ever since I embraced motherhood, I learn and unlearn many things daily. The list may be endless but I have attempted to jot down some of them here.

  1. Life is all about taking pleasure in the simple things. Be it just watching the ceiling fan or the little sparrows from the window or tapping her hands to her favourite songs, the expression on her face is worth watching. We adults are so trapped in our mundane existence that we miss out on the finer joys of life. We miss out on our present. I am revisiting and realizing life yet again with my little Popoye.
  2. Observe, keep learning and practising- Children are ever curious. They never stop learning and they are fast learners. They practice every new thing in their own way to master them. It took some time for me to realize that my little one observed us changing the TV channels with the remote. She tries to do just that whenever her little hands catches the remote!
  3. Laugh- The toll of life takes on us after a certain time in such a way that we at times forget to laugh heartily. She laughs for simple things and her laughter is so from the heart. Just watching her laughing brings a smile to my face and I realize how blessed I am to be her mom!
  4. Let go of grudges- Many times, my tired self loses its temper and yell at her unreasonably, but children forget easily and forgive even more easily. So when I go to her after a while (not after cursing myself for scolding her 😦 ) and hug her, she gives me her same sweet smile as if nothing has happened.
  5. It is okay to be slow at times. It is okay to break the rules sometimes- Now, this is one thing I keep reminding myself and I really want to slow down and relax at times but it does not happen always. We adults are always in a hurry to finish up the chores and then rest or retire fast or quickly go to the next chore in hand. Just like we do not swallow our food, we need to chew them; similarly, we need to slow down a bit. Tasks will be there always, but it is okay to sit down and relax a bit.
  6. Love yourself – I realized that finding some ‘me’ time actually helps me to bond better with my kido. If I do not look after myself, no one else will do that for me. Kids look up to you for everything, so if I am not happy, how will my angel be happy?! As they say, a happy mom raises happy kids.

These are things that make me acknowledge, appreciate and most importantly love her most. My little adorable darling, you have given me much more than words can say. Ahead of your first birthday, I want to let you know that I will always love you and with you, I will always try to live life to the fullest!

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4 thoughts on “Pearls of wisdom my baby taught me

  1. Well written.. and consolidates the One year of motherhood.. keep writing and we all could be helping a lot of new parents with their life with their little ‘Popoye’

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