Book Review: I Am Life by Shraddha Soni

Shraddha Soni’s debut book I Am Life has a very apt title indeed! Categorized under the genre philosophy/ spiritual fiction, this book intends to find the true meaning of life, a life where there is a way out of everything. It may seem a very simple read but it isn’t. The reason being the way Shraddha has created the character of Siddharth Khanna (Sid), the protagonist. We as readers can at some point or other, relate ourselves with him and his dilemmas and his journey of life.

The book begins with Siddharth’s iconic fall from being the director of a company to a nobody and his impending divorce, so that he is finished both professionally and personally. The latter chapters unravel how he ends up in the Happy Yogi ashram that teaches the feel good philosophy. As destiny would have it, Sid is back to his motherland which he left more than a decade ago to chase his dreams in New York . Sid’s impatient self makes him hop many ashrams and the reader travels with him as well, till he finds solace instead of the Almighty.

I liked Shraddha’s style of writing. She did not use any bombastic words so that the flow of reading is smooth. She made sure that her readers could relate to one slice or other of Sid – be it his confusions, self-questioning nature, loveless life, his mistakes, impatience and his realizations at the end. In our day to day existence, there comes a time when we all feel frustrated and dejected and that’s when putting an end to our lives seems like an easy solution. But no, life is for living and not for ending. In Sid’s case, Myrah , the woman of Life, helps him to live life.

Having said that, I feel that some really long descriptions could have been avoided in the book. This apart, it’s a good book that says to give life a chance and see what it does to you. I especially liked the last line in the last chapter called ‘LIFE’, “I am life but alive only if you let me live”.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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