This post compiles some great lines from Priyanka Baranwal’s debut book title It’s Never Too Late… : To Win the Battle Against Your Biggest Enemy – Fear.

  1. No step can be taken alone, especially the first one.
  2. …a dream has come true that I never even dreamed off.
  3. …a spark is enough to ignite a fire.
  4. …when we think this way in the initial stage of a challenge, we sure become the winner even before we tough the goal.
  5. …stories never really end. Just like dreams.
  6. But one thing keeps you going despite all that: the unmatched vivid imagination of the moment when you’ll fulfill your dream.
  7. Dreaming makes you believe in your capabilities.
  8. …it’s never too late to find an escape or, a solution.
  9. …the journey for achieving a dream hardly comes easy.
  10. I have felt weakness and it somewhere gives birth to the strength hidden within you.
  11. Weakness and strength are just two facets of one’s own capabilities.
  12. It is human behavior that when it comes to save your loved ones, you find enormous strength magically.

    Pic Courtesy: Google

    Pic Courtesy: Google

  13. Love is love after all and people have every right to express it in acceptable ways.
  14. The corporate world is tough and you have to be relatively tougher to win the race.
  15. A nice place lightens up the mood especially when you are going to leave it behind soon.
  16. “I am not telling you it is going to be easy. I am telling you it’s going to be worth it.” – Art Williams
  17. Good memories are always evocative.
  18. …sometimes we have to make some choices to make our loved ones happy even if it makes our heart sad.



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