Being mommy

Motherhood keeps me busy these days and that’s why blogging took a back seat. In these two months, i missed blogging. Its a little ‘me’ time I gift to myself.

Today, I couldn’t help but feel ecstatic when I heard my daughter say ‘ma’ or ‘mum’ for the first time. I have been waiting for this just like any other mom. My happiness knows no bound today. I am on Cloud Nine 🙂

I became a mother right from the time I came to know I conceived.

You don’t have to wait for your labor pain to feel being a mom.

But the day when a mother hears her little one calling her mommy, that day is always memorable in every mom’s heart…words fall short when feelings take over!!

I am loving every moment of being a mommy.


2 thoughts on “Being mommy

  1. Great post Rajashree, scarcely have I seen the feelings of motherhood put in such a simple way. Would wait for more feelings-put-to-words on the wonderful mother-child relationship

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