An Ode to myself…

Yes, the time is’s ripe enough to be me, to let my hair down for some time, to do the things I love to do…I am a mom, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a home maker, a parent to my own parent, budget planner, a all-in-one capsule! I am just like any one else yet unique in my own way.

But, now I am only me. I am trying to reconnect with myself and accumulate courage and patience to meet yet another day that is called tomorrow – all with fresh enthusiasm, joy and a smile 🙂



Because, the big reason is a happy mom makes a happy baby and a happy household in the process. So, all you lovely ladies out there, it’s okay to be yourself, to indulge, to pamper yourself, to self motivate and introspect, to stand tall in the crowd and be back with a bang…!! “I am still an embryo, a long long way to go”, so why not just pause a bit, take a deep breathe and then move on.

Now, that’s what is called a signature trait.


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