Of mothers and birthdays…

Generally, we write a blog post or article ahead of an event or an occasion, but in my case, I write when time permits…and now is my time, so here’s my post 🙂

Yesterday was my birthday. Just like every year, I enjoyed the day, I allowed myself to get some pampering from family members etc. But one thing I noticed this year and last year (as well) is that – I realised how my birthday also means my mom’s birthday, a new life for her too because she is the one who endured pain to bring me to the world! I am sure everyone (especially women who have gone through the pain of childbirth only to cry out of joy when they first hold their little bundle of joy) will agree with me. This I have understood after becoming a mother myself.

I always celebrated my birthday in school or at college and at home where in friends used to come but I never really took time off to spend a birthday only with my parents. As an adult, I felt guilty at times. Thankfully, for the last two years, i have been really fortunate enough to have my mom with me. This is a true celebration in itself! I hope I can make up for the lost times.

Today and always I would like to remind myself, yet again, of how amazing my mom is and would like to tell her, “Mom, you are the most unsung hero. I take this opportunity to salute you, your courage, your perseverance…I am sure this is a never ending list. Ma, I love you. Happy Birthday to us both.”

I hope someday my daughter also tells me the same thing 🙂 even if she does’t, i love her nevertheless, always, in all ways. Mother daughter relationship is the most sacred friendship of all times and I am privileged to have all three generation under one roof – my mom, myself and my daughter. Life is beautiful!




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