Where there is a will (power), there is a way…really?!

Of late, I have been pondering this question frequently…

Just as when I thought that wow!! let me now enjoy a cup of coffee or have a quiet chat with my mom or switch on my laptop because now my kid is sleeping, just then (o why?) the bell rings or the maid comes and makes enough noise to threaten my sleeping beauty to get up. I swear i pray to God to arm me with some extra patience! I curse life, i feel its impossible, i feel claustrophobic and feel that there is no way out. But then, at that point, my inner voice sings a different tune – the tune of possibility and of finding your way out through life’s maze…

I know I have the will to do the things I love and I am frantically finding out ways to do so. It’s a mad rush. In a way to find out a way, I lose the way at times! But I have realised that its worth a try, at least once … to curve out a niche for myself, to be myself. Because at the end lies the perks- a feel good factor that shoots up, i feel light, i feel I have achieved something, and its a healthy purgation! 🙂

As they say, where there is a will, there’s a way, you’ve got to keep going…with a strong will and remain persistent in your resolve. I am trying just that by trying to keep my promises while I travel miles after miles before I sleep.

My daughter’s favourite poem is, “Row, row, row a boat slowly by the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrile…Life is but a dream”. Yes, I am doing that. Slowly I am reaching there…I am rowing my boat slowly amidst the turbulent water of life to realise my dream.

Yes, there is indeed a way if there is a proper will (power).



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