Union of two souls

Love, sex, and romance go hand in hand in most relationships until they are otherwise platonic. When two souls are in love, sex comes naturally almost always. Whether it is right or wrong at that point of time is a different thing altogether, but sex is definitely passionate.

Sex has many facets to it. At times, it is crude, at times it is mere perversion. Sometimes, it is a beautiful feeling, a token of love between two lovers, married or otherwise. As long as two souls are true to each other and love prevails, pre-marital sex is fine as is.

Yes, I am for all things passionate, beautiful, and pre-marital sex…there, I said it all! It is not a taboo, definitely not in my dictionary. Having the freedom to choose one’s sexual partner is everyone’s right and there should be no moral policing about it. Enjoying a freedom, living independently and having a mind of one’s own is a huge responsibility and being true to the self is an absolute necessary. As long as all these parameters are there, sex before marriage is fine.

I know that not all love culminates into marriage but that does not mean that pre-marital sex between two adult and consenting persons is sacrilegious!

Live a life you wish to live, nurture it, value it, after all there is only one life…and we have multiple ‘promises to keep’…get going! Find your twin soul. Believe in love.

As Poonaam Uppal very rightly said in her book A Passionate Gospel of True Love, “true love is a rare occurrence of the heart”.

You can grab a copy here.

This blog post is written for Indiblogger contest on Poonaam Uppal’s book, A Passionate Gospel of True Love.

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