The Great Indian Litterbug – A perfect nuisance

The world is a stage for the Great Indian Litterbug to showcase his talent of littering his surroundings. Wherever he goes, his poor habits follow him. Awww…..he is such a lucky man! He cares a shit about anyone and finds no fault within himself. He thinks it is his birth right to littler places.

Take for example, his paan eating habit – our Great Indian Litterbug (the so-called ‘man’) is actually eligible for winning a first prize for his spitting and painting the walls with his favourite color red! I wonder why doesn’t anyone gives him the much coveted prize. His canvas is pretty big, you see.

O wait, did I tell you about his smoking habit too. Man, he is so busy and lazy that he is tempted to throw the cigar rete buds anywhere he likes. He must have never used a dustbin in his life or never heard of one! You know, he doesn’t even listen to his pregnant wife who has been asking him to quit smoking for the sake of their child. Imagine, what a great example this Great Indian Litterbug will be in front of his child.

If this is not enough, then wait to hear about his habit of promptly answering to his nature’s call while he is on the road. He is very close to nature, you see. He may not heard of a bathroom or public toilet or he is simply lazy! He loves to spray his water on the walls or anywhere in the bush and facilitates further photosynthesis for the poor plants. After all, plants needs water too. So, you see, he is such a great man. People, please don’t curse him. He must have not heard about, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. So, please spare him and pity him instead, will you?! After all, he is a talented spray painter.

Now, this great man comes home tired and orders his dinner to be served before him. He enjoys his food and leaves the leftovers on his plate itself so that someone else can clear his plate for him. He is a man, after all. He litters or shall we say he ‘decorates’ his home with bus or train tickets, some old memos or some bills. The maid can come and sweep the floor later on. O come on, let’s not disturb him with these petty issues. He is such a great artist. He is blessed with such creative prowess.

Hey, why don’t you visit the website of and watch this video to know more about this great man. Cheers!

This post is written as a part of the IndiChange Campaign in association with The Great Indian and Indiblogger


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