A style of my own – be different, be stylish

This post is being written as part of the Women’s Web – Trishla eMart ‘A Style of My Own!’ campaign.


I was a little lost in motherhood and other daily chores of life when I read about this contest in Women’s Web and it made me stand up from my sofa, pour in a cup of coffee for myself and tell myself, “Hey listen, remember to be yourself even if you are damn busy. See, people are out there who wants to know about your style, what defines you.”

So, here goes my style mantra:

  • Keep it minimal. Be stylish.
  • Adorn a look that you can maintain all through
  • Feel good from inside to look beautiful outside…that means, you have to love yourself!!

On any given day, irrespective of the dress I wear, I never part with my favourite kajal, lip balm and sunglass. I never leave home without spraying some Davidoff perfume. And yes, I keep my hair short to save time and go for a low maintenance yet stylish look. I love to wear mehndi on my hands, occasionally though.

I have an enviable saree collection but sadly I cannot drape one myself. I rely upon my friends to help me when the occasion so demands. But, I am slowly learning to wear this lovely nine yards by myself. Hope I master this art really soon…

I am equally in love with jeans, long skirts and short sleeveless tops. I pair these up with some lovely mojris that I picked up from my city of joy, Calcutta.

And, I love colors like yellow, orange and black, so it will come as no surprise then that my closet is vibrant and full of colors!

And, I do not believe in brands or labels…I just pick up what I think will look good on me and is pocket friendly as well.

In short, I wear what makes me feel comfortable, suits my mood, boosts my confidence, and enhances my look. I do not wear too much make up, but I love to look elegant and graceful. This is my style mantra.

Everyone desires (secretly or openly) to look good, so hey, if you yourself is confident about your look, then ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ quote is a bonus point!

Thank you Trishlaemart and Women’s Web for giving me this opportunity to rediscover myself even when I am going to change my baby’s diaper now…

As Coco Chanel very rightly said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

These days, I am really missing my casual and lazy days of window shopping…so I am thinking to rekindle this passion again…anyone coming with me?!!


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