Together we entered into our own little paradise – a home away from home

My most memorable day has to be 26th November 2006 – when I started a new life together with my husband. It was a day when we both started living on our own, when we made Bangalore our home, away from our hometown, Calcutta. We were both newly married then, inexperienced about many things in life – I was a horrible cook (I have only slightly improved!!) and he used to make hopeless tea – but the fact remains that we were together. I still remember the time so vividly…

Back in Calcutta, one fine day, he called me at my office to share the good news (not all good news is pregnancy news!!) that he has been offered a job in IBM in its Bangalore office. He was required to join by mid-December, which meant we had very little time in hand. So, it was decided that he will leave for Bangalore first and I will follow later. Searching for a house in a new city is a Herculean task but thankfully he could overcome that with the help of some friends, our landlord and lots of effort. Amidst all these, the day came when I was supposed to join him in Bangalore. I had mixed feelings of sadness and anxiety. After I bid goodbye to my city of joy and to my parents (airports witness so much of teary eyed passengers each day), I was also eager to start my own life with my husband. After I saw him for the first time (after many days), we hugged each other and for few seconds, we didn’t utter any words…we were both happy and excited to see each other. Then we moved on to see the house he has finalised for both of us. I still remember the ecstatic moment when he handed over the keys in my hand indicating that I open the door first – that was very romantic and it brought tears of joy in my eyes. The soft glow in his face said it all – I have never felt so very special before. That was our moment of love for each other.

Thus began our journey of being together through thick and thin, always, in all ways. Now we have become three from two with the birth of our little angel and together we rock! J Parenthood has given a whole new dimension to our relationship! We are evolving, learning and unlearning several things both as parents and as a couple. I hope to keep it this way, now and forever.

Together, we have miles to go before we sleep, and this is just the beginning, so do I believe…


Thank you for allowing me relive this slice of life through my blog!


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