Guest Post 1: Children Learning cycle – Ideal Classroom (Part 1)

Welcome to the Guest Post Series! The guest authors are my friends, fellow bloggers, mentors who are willing to share their interesting experiences from myriad spheres of life. 
Here, I present the first guest post, which is written by Santosh Avvannavar, an author, a friend, and an observer of life. Here he writes about Children Learning Cycle.
I was recently invited to address IGNOU (B.Ed students) for government teachers on ‘Classroom Management’. Some interesting point on children learning cycle are extracted below from the talk.
I asked the teachers (nursery and primary) to close their eyes and visualise their ideal classroom for less than 2 minutes. On opening their eyes I asked them to write those images in their work sheet. This activity yielded common things like classroom, benches for children, well known quotes, photos of leaders and a thing or two. When I posed them with another question, is all that your ideal classroom? Don’t you think even the non-teacher would think about it! There was spell bound silence for a moment!
I moved to the next topic on characteristics that would be essential to support student learning. Some opined that self learning and being observer is the best solution. I cross-examined their view with set of questions, do you have positive expectations that your student would succeed? Are you classroom managers or administrator? Do you write the right instructions?
The discussion finally lead to ‘changing negative words to positive words’ would help to answer those set of questions. This thought lead us to draw an interesting point of ideal classroom was – students to be deeply involved in their tasks that provides work-orientated climate but seemingly relaxed and pleasant like a library with an option of No Silence Please!
In the next part we shall discuss about on support system for better learning. Till then dream your ideal classroom!
Santosh Avvannavar
Trainer, Counselor and Author

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