Guest Post 2: Children Learning cycle – Checklist for teachers (Part 1)

Here comes another guest post from Santosh Avvannavar

Children Learning cycle – Checklist for teachers (Part 1)

This is in continuation to guest post 1.

Now let’s look into ways to support students learning. Teacher behaviour is the reflection of classroom management that facilitates learning. Students devote more time on activities or task in a well management classroom. The question that needs to be answered is, how to make students spend more time? The following checklist would be of some help –

Rules and procedure to be set from the beginning, consistently enforce
throughout the academic year would be important to bring consistency
A relationship (professional) with students that is co-operative
Instructions that would help students understanding a teacher’s expectation
Maximizing the use of sign language to make class less disruptive and
helps to strengthen the step 2.
Delegation is a important step to allow students to take ownership
Spending more time with problem area helps to control and prevent
unexpected behaviors
If class lesson seem not going well, use back-up plan
If you have checked all the above points then your students are having
a good classroom manager (teacher)! Does it say that you are an
effective teacher? Let’s see that in the next guest post. Till then,
happy teaching!


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