Book Review – The Departing Point

Santosh Avvannavar is one of those few authors of the present generation who aims to write with a mission; a mission to bring about awareness of the social issues through fiction that draws inspiration from life in general.  Each time he deals with different social issues so that each book is different from the other. This time, he has joined hands with Jyothi Byahatti and Raghunath Babu Are to pen down The Departing Point, a collection of seven love stories that has no happy ending.  Surprised?! Well, don’t be because love need not be happy always, that way it becomes predictable. Hence, the authors of The Departing Point narrates the tales of love albeit, in a different way. They speak of love that didn’t see fruition, hence the tagline of the book, “two people departed, in search of love, leaving love in between,” is very apt.

The Introduction speaks about the search for love and asks some poignant questions in the end.

The first story, My Last Letter, starts with a beautiful sentence, “Love covers all shortcomings and failures, overlooks one’s mistakes and does not bring to mind one’s past mistakes” and then goes on to narrate how the big bad glam world wreaks havoc in a relationship. The glitz and the glitters of the glam world of the silver-screen makes one blind so much so that one fails to identify true love’s calling only to realise it at the end. But alas, it is too late then. My Last Letter uses a unique narrative style – a series of letters that alternate with the past and the present life of the protagonist; each letter has a corresponding flashback.

The second story Derailed-Salem Express will take the reader to the bitter sweet college romance days that will definitely bring a smile on one’s face. The SWOT Analysis of the potential girlfriends makes it a hilarious read amidst the dilemma of the protagonist who is caught up between two loves – emotional love towards a girl and physical attraction towards another.

The next four love stories speaks about young love that begins in schools and colleges. They witness several ups and downs (the pangs of love) before falling apart at their respective departing points.

There are some stories like Checklist Love and My Cinderella that portrays a harsh reality – the whims and fancies of women and how they sometimes use men as toys to satisfy their desires. I personally liked the shayari which is at the beginning of Checklist Love:

Teri Nam Aankhon Ko Dekhar Main Badla Tha,

Tera Pyara Chehra Mujhe Lubhata Tha,

Aaj Teri Aankhon Ki Kashish Ko kya Hua,

Jo Mere Dil Ko Kabhi Dhadkata Tha

The last story, Na Paki na Gulab Nadir ko Baksh do Janab is about two childhood friends, Nadir and Paki. This story has some beautiful shayaris as well.

The Departing Point is a nice and simple read, although it has some minor blemishes in the form of some punctuation errors and repetitive sentences, which becomes negligible as you read the book. The use of shayaris is another uniqueness of the book. It will definitely bring a smile on your face as you remember the carefree college days. Pick it up as you sit with your evening cuppa or to beat the traffic blues while returning home after a tiring day 🙂

Happy reading!

My rating: 4/5

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To know more about the authors and Santosh Avvannavar’s endeavour, Amrita Foundation, click HERE


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