Gender (In) convenience

This article is not against (or for) any particular gender. This is about life in general and is inspired from a real life incident that happened just the other day on the road.

Just the other day, I met our ex-neighbor (who is also a dear friend) on the road while returning home from the doctor’s chamber with my husband and our toddler daughter. Our cars crossed each other on the road, so we both stopped to exchange greetings. They were going to attend a wedding and on the way, their toddler son wanted to answer to his nature’s call.  His father rushed him to a nearby bush so that he can pee. So, we cut our conversations and made our way. This is, apparently a simple incident but it made me ponder about some basic things in life.

First thing that struck my mind is I would never do that if I had a son. It may sound like, it’s easier said than done type, but it isn’t; this is one thing I would always be certain of if I had a baby boy. The second thought that struck me is how we assume things on the basis of gender – he is a male child, so it is okay to pee on the road. I shuddered at the thought that this habit will remain with him forever, may be.

I think that it is a choice we make out of our convenience on the basis of gender. He is a boy, so it is okay for him to pee on Indian roads – something that girls should shy away from as it looks odd. When is the time ‘ripe’ enough to stop this? Everyone has the right to answer their nature’s call, irrespective of gender. And, it is both unhealthy and unhygienic habit, if either or both of the gender practices this in the open. So, what is so special about a boy that he can very conveniently pee on road and the same thing is unthinkable when it comes to a girl?  This ‘double standard’ mentality has to stop; and the first step should be taken from home itself. Many laws can be enforced to stop this but until and unless the mentality of a society changes, nothing changes. It should be a collective responsibility of the people living in a society that should bring in the much needed change. The same boy who pees on Indian roads will never pee on foreign soils for two reasons– one, the laws will not allow and two, his consciousness will stop him. So, why not inculcate a strong feeling of consciousness from early childhood itself?! Toddlers are like moulds; we can shape them as we want, remember?

No one wants to be labelled on the basis of their gender. Girls may not like things that are labelled as ‘for girls’, the same goes for boys as well. The lessons of life is for everyone and we all like different things, isn’t it? The changing times are urging us to think beyond the ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ categorization and usher some practical sense.


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