A slice of life, that is called ‘Me time’

For me, that refreshing and much needed me time comes in more ways than one…

It could be a cup of strong coffee that I can have at any point of the day, just to get that perfect kick;

Sometimes some soulful ghazals while at times it has to be Bryan Adams or Kishore Kumar that does the wonder;

It could also be a bowl of steamed rice along with some spicy hot chicken curry with a dash of lemon, so that the tummy is happy too 😛

Or, raising a toast with my hubby while watching the sunset from our balcony, so as to rekindle the passion of togetherness;

Perhaps, turning the pages of an old album on a carefree afternoon reminds me of my childhood friend and I call her impulsively to share a hearty laugh;

Or, holding that tiny red dress that my daughter first wore in the hospital while arranging my wardrobe…it still has the sweet smell of my precious angel and it is enough to bring tears of happiness in my eyes;

Sometimes, it has to be my mom’s favorite khantha stitch black and golden color saree that I took out from her wardrobe because that happened to be my favorite as well; and I remember our shopping days together that has now stopped ever since her illness. 

That’s what I call a slice of life well lived to find bliss amidst some inevitable tempests that comes my way…it is through moments like these I find myself all over again…


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