The Mommy chapter

This one is very close to my heart…


Last week a friend cum ex-colleague delivered her cute bundle of joy in a private hospital. We all went to see the new mommy and wish her heartiest Congratulations! Though she looked happy holding her little prince in her arms yet something was wrong. She looked nervous, just like any other first time mom! I saw myself in her as I remembered the time when Hiya, my daughter was born…

As my due date was drawing near, I felt the first pangs of fear as to what will happen. I felt nervous and lonely. When the D-day (or rather night came), there was no room for any realization, only my shouting in the labor room, my husband standing beside me (yes, nowadays many hospitals thankfully allow the husband to enter the labor room and be with his wife), the doctor and the nurses. When Hiya arrived after hours of labor…

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