What #RealTogetherness means to me

Life in the age of technology is a necessary evil. Technology rules our lives in every possible way, literally. Nowadays, it’s seemingly sacrilegious to imagine our lives without smartphones, Kindle, Skype, Hipchat just to name a few.  We are connected to each other yet not connected at all. On one side, we have the privilege to get into a Skype call with our aged parents living far away from us; while on the other side, we are also busy checking mails or doing WhatsApp even when we are at the dinner table together. This paradox makes me wonder are we really together?!

Real Togetherness means a bit of me and a bit of you coming together and sharing a smile, sharing a bond. It means that silly joke you crack with your husband on the dinner table when both of you decide to ditch the television for good. It means penning down your thoughts in a good old letter and posting it to your friend instead of sending her an email filled with smileys. It means my mother’s toothless smile when she witnesses my daughter’s endless mischief – it is enough to let her forget her pain when the dentist extracted her teeth just a few hours ago. It also means humming “Sunshine on my shoulder” with your best pal while sharing a drink on the rooftop. It means sharing a hearty laugh with your neighbor aunty as well. It means being a rainbow in somebody’s cloud as well – may be a visit to an orphanage or an old age home. I remember the sheer joy I experienced when I participated in a marathon on International Women’s Day few years back and the money went for the education of the girl child. I realised I didn’t do anything extraordinary – I just evolved in the process.

Women's Day Run at Ulsoor

Women’s Day Run at Ulsoor

The joys of togetherness and the sheer joy that is attached to it comes only in spending quality time with your loved ones. It brings out the child within you and guarantees the unlimited fun as well. When my daughter was just 7 months old, we went to our hometown for her Annaprasun (rice ceremony). During that time, I along with my husband could arrange for a day trip to Mandarmoni (a sea area near Calcutta) with our respective parents. It was a tiring journey for sure but the sea was the ultimate balm for all of us. I will cherish that time forever especially since it was my mother’s first outing after her brain tumor operation. That day I realized that nature can be a true healer. It helps to strengthen bonds and bringing people together. To me, the real fun comes when you are in the lap of nature with your loved ones. Time just flies and you tend to cherish the moments without Wi-Fi or internet.  So, go on bask in the glory of the sun, recite your favorite nursery rhyme with your toddler, listen to your mom singing Neele Neele Ambar par chaand jab aaye after ages, or simply fall in love with yourself because you still play the guitar so well…whatever it is, find the real essence of life.

Family Outing at Mandarmoni

Family Outing at Mandarmoni

Life is all about cherishing some precious moments with family, friends, and neighbors…let the list go on!

This post is written for #RealTogetherness. Watch the Kissanpur – Real Joy of Togetherness video by Kissan India.


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