Gracefully young

Well, my story of change that oozes out loads of positivity has to be about embracing old age gracefully. In India, old age is almost always synonymous with sickness, loneliness, disability, and misery but it is in my very own motherland that I witnessed the juxtaposition of a very different old age – that of hope, courage, freedom and independence.  Whether witnessing the old lady driving her bicycle speedily near Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry or chatting with the 81 year old grandma in Singapore who hits the gym regularly and goes to the hospital to visit her husband who suffered a knee injury or knowing my mom’s aunt who is a breast cancer survivor and is penning down her autobiography – for all these ladies, age is just a number and they inspire me a lot. They are the leading ladies of their own lives, successful in their own way, strong to the core. According to me, these graceful ladies are the actual youth ki awaaz of today.

This photo was a sweet coincidence, indeed! I want to meet her and say, “Hats off to you.”

Personally, 2015 was a year of unexpected happenings for me – unexpected travels (both domestic and international) and unexpected health issues that I later realised could have been avoided. That’s when it dawned on me that if these beautiful ladies can defy all odds and choose to live life in a healthy manner, then what’s stopping me?! I looked within and understood that it’s the will power that matters. Now I know that I too want to remain young by embracing old age gracefully.

Life, here I come with all new fervour…




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