Rise of the woman entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship, particularly women entrepreneurship is the single most incredible phenomenon that is taking the digital 21st century world by storm. India is slowly but steadily waking up to this new reality that has the potential to forever change the way we look into business.

In India, the dynamic digital era has seen an upsurge of women participation almost everywhere – they are responsible buyers or thoughtful consumers or no-nonsense entrepreneurs. As the saying goes, entrepreneurship comes naturally to women given their natural flair for interpersonal and management skills, they are gradually setting their foot firmly in this uncharted territory of entrepreneurship and utilizing technology to its fullest to grow their businesses.

Be it studying the market thoroughly to form an idea about a product or to decide what services they can provide to foster hundred percent customer satisfaction, women entrepreneurs are increasingly making their presence felt everywhere – beauty, cookware, textile, food processing, IT business, are just some of them. And the best way to make people aware is promoting their brands through social media marketing. This helps them to boost their sales apart from developing a personal brand. After all, isn’t marketing all about creating a signature trait (USP) and make people aware that a brand exists?!

Women today have realised the importance of effective marketing and so more and more women entrepreneurs are using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google plus to make their venture successful. These platforms not only help them to promote their page but also to post updates and relevant posts for their real time followers. Creating a website or having a domain name is another way to be on top of things. Housing regular blogs or inviting guest posts is a great way to attract traffic or feed one’s website regularly.

However, women entrepreneurship does not come easy, just like anything else. It’s still in the nascent stage and the world still needs more and more women to come forward and take the plunge towards entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is often the result of a passionate dream and the challenge is to hold on to it till the end to make the dream come true. Some of the factors that encourage women to think about entrepreneurial opportunities are the urge to do something different, to find one’s identity, and the flexibility of working from home to maintain a perfect work-life balance. This helps in the development of the economy in the process, thus closing the gender gap as well. Today’s economy is undergoing massive change and businesses are increasingly moving towards e-commerce. The e-commerce sector has seen some outstanding growth in the year 2014 and the future looks promising too. Hence, there is a win-win situation following the growth of e-commerce – it motivates women entrepreneurs to generate new ideas and venture into more challenging avenues.

Here’s some really stark statistics shared by Rediff News:

  • India ranks 123 when it comes to the female-male ratio at the work place.
  • 48% per cent of Indian women quit their careers midway; this is 20% more than the global average.
  • The Indian woman’s contribution to the national GDP is only 17%, which is much lower than the global average of 37%.
  • If the participation of women in the Indian workforce can be increased to 41% by 2025, it can add an estimated Rs. 46 lakh crore ($700 billion) to the GDP.

No economy, whether it is developed or is still developing (like ours) can progress if there is no active participation of both its male and female population. The time is now ripe to invest in entrepreneurship – it is now or never. And women are the harbingers of change, this time. They are like the phoenix bird – rising from the ashes and being the change they wish to see, now and forever.


Note: This was first submitted for a women’s online magazine and later reproduced here in my blog. I took some references from Economic Times, Forbes and Redif News and the image from Google.


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