He is my first boyfriend. I am responsible for his many sleepless nights. When I was young, his entire world revolved round me  – I didn’t understand it then but now he is my world. He smiled when I cooked a pathetic dish, he laughed at my mischievousness when I used to hide his shoes at the backyard or in the bathroom because I didn’t want him to go to office. He was my partner in crime in painting the kitchen wall with crayons and later ‘saving’ me from my mom! He ran to me first each time I fell down, he cried out of joy when I landed my first job, he wept when he did my ‘Kanyadaan’ – he is my Bapi (father) as I fondly call him.

Daddy's girl

Daddy’s girl



During a ritual of Kanyadan

Bapi was always afraid of injections and visits to hospitals but I witnessed his immense courage when my mom was diagnosed with brain tumour. The regular chemo and radio sessions only aggravated her sugar levels and so her oncologist advised her to be put on insulin for many days. Since, I had to join back to work as my leaves ended but he took upon himself to not only learn how to give insulin to mom but went on monitoring her health regularly. He fought back his tears and sorrows and always put up a brave face. In those difficult times, he told me, “Get back to work. Go back to your home in Bangalore where your husband is waiting for you. I will manage everything here in Kolkata and will  keep you posted. I know you are there for us always.” I still get goosebumps now when I think of those days; four years have passed but the memories are ever fresh in my mind. That’s my dad, often the unsung hero in my life. Thus, I take this opportunity  to salute him always, in all ways.


Daddy’s little girl always



Bapi always want a smile on my mom’s face – the best couple I know 🙂

Life has taught him myriad things so far and he says that he is still a student of life. An ardent Mohun Bagan supporter, he is still child like from within in many ways, especially when he plays with his ‘Darling,‘ his three year old hyper active grand daughter!

Dadai and his Darling

Dadai and his Darling – Elated to hold his grand daughter for the first time 🙂

Words fall short when feelings take over. I pray that my dad lives to see many more splendid suns to come along with my mom and their blessings stay on us forever.

Bapi’s belief in me gave me my most important asset – my husband, without whom I am always incomplete.

Incomplete without you

Incomplete without you all – my pillars of strength


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Disclaimer: All the photos are either clicked from my phone camera or my Canon digital, while some are taken from old albums.



3 thoughts on “#MemoriesForLife

  1. Oh! I can’t check my tears of joy that that my only daughter, my heart is now matured with full of confidence. Cheer up my MAMONI, you go on I and your mom with you till our last breath. Bapi.

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