#Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet – An Evening to Remember

The spectacular Vivanta Taj, Bangalore was the proud host of the Horlicks Immunity Indiblogger(IB) meet and it was made more special since it fell on Mother’s day (May 8). For me, it was memorable as it was my first meet as a blogger; I was clueless at first but as the eventful evening unfolded in front of me, I was in awe of it.

At the entrance, the IB team scanned the QR codes of the registered bloggers before they entered the opulent chandeliered hall.


That’s my QR code
IB-ID: 63871

Slowly, we all settled down over a cup of coffee/tea/Horlicks and the event started. The main agenda of the event was spread an awareness about child nutrition since it is the universal concern for all mothers. After all, children need to be strong from inside so that they can be healthy and active always. This will help in combating mal nutrition at a large scale. The evening was graced by both national and international experts who discussed on the subject of immunity, and its implications on the growth in children.


This meet was headed by Jim castle, a childhood nutrition expert from the U.S, and a mommy blogger as well. She gave us some meaningful insights on the role of micro nutrients to boost immunity. She mentioned specifically that sending the chid to school by giving just a glass of milk is not enough; add a Health Food Drink in his milk too that has the essential nutrients.  She also emphasized how to identity the ‘Hidden Hunger’ and on the importance of introducing variety while maintain a balanced, healthy diet routine in the age of junk food. She also advised all the bloggers to spread the awareness on healthy food habits among children that will pave the foundation stone for a strong and healthy life ahead. Simple things like exercise, outdoor activities and basking in some sunshine should be incorporated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Jill Castle

Then came Amaan khan, the marketing head of GSK, who presented some facts and stats on how malnutrition Indian children are and how Horlicks is addressing this issue. He suggested we use the #HorlicksNutriMeter tool that discover the hidden gaps in a child’s dietary habit. This tool can be downloaded by giving a miss call to @8000980009 and how it can help parents in keeping a tab on the nutrition intake each day.



Panel discussion

This was followed by a panel discussion and an interesting Q&A session. This interactive session wrapped up after a photography round followed by a sumptuous dinner. The clock struck 7 pm and it was time for us to collect our Horlicks goodies and head back home on a rainy Sunday evening.


Our table – strangers in the beginning, friends in the end



Enjoyed every bit of it

Looking forward to more such events and networking…


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