A letter to Life – How I learnt to pause and ponder about life in the daily humdrum

Dear Zindagi,

Apologies for not writing to you often, like I used to write in my teenage years. Just the other day, I came across my old diary while cleaning my wardrobe and I found myself turning those ‘precious’ pages which still houses my writings – my first crush, my favorite quotations, my tears and joys – about a slice of life that I conveniently forgot as I became busier day by day. I transitioned from being a daughter, wife, mother, a working woman and forgot to spend some quality time with the individual called ‘me.’

It is only after I embraced motherhood that I realized that I too need to put myself in the list of things now that I have got a chance to relive my childhood, and to learn and unlearn many things in life. After all, only a happy mother can raise a happy child. Motherhood is a blessing that life bestowed upon me and through this phase, I had my many ‘firsts’ yet again – be it dancing again after 15 long years for my daughter, or discovering the writer within me, or a chance meeting with my school friend years after in my daughter’s Montessori school! The world is really small!

On a different note, life has taught me many lessons which I value a lot – my mom’s cancer taught me to be brave and thankful to get a second chance. I have started to value all the precious moments of life. My mom, a cancer survivor is my inspiration always, in all ways.

While turning several chapters in life, I do hereby promise to myself that I will continue to live life and find joy in whatever I do. I have learnt to hug life once again – “Aye Zindagi gale laga le”.

“Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.”


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