Why the idea of New Year’s resolutions doesn’t work for me?

download Be it a change in outlook or diet plans or fitness and well-being, we all make myriad plans and then set them aside safely, either falling prey to procrastination or just waiting for a ‘suitable’ day/time to implement them.
The honcho of days to implement such decisions is the New Year which promises new hopes and resolutions that we aim to achieve.

I too have a resolution – not to have one at all. Instead, I would like to take each day as they come. Yes, I have my list of things that I would want to do more often.

  1. Yoga  – this is one aspect I don’t want to let go. Early morning yoga is my ‘me’ time that makes me feel liberated; so no compromise there.
  2. To cuddle my daughter – Equally important to kick start a brand new day is to cuddle my daughter, wake her up, and listen to her endless talks. She never runs out of topics!


    My world 

  3. To write more often – to make out my own time and write, write, and write. Someday, I want to write a book – big dreams, small step, you see!! 🙂
  4. To travel – Travel, learn and gain more experience. Stay tuned for some serious dose of travel writing.


Happy New Year!

Until my next post, stay happy, stay blessed.



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