Specialist Care – February, the month of love, care, nurture, cancer awareness, and beyond

Looking back to a life changing phase

To me, February is a very special month, mainly because our anniversary and our daughter’s birthday falls at this time – but this year, it is also special as my mom, a brave cancer survivor, is coming to visit us, after a long time. I got an opportunity to attend a forum organized by Specialist Hospital, Kamanahalli, Bangalore on World Cancer Day (February 4) ahead of her visit, so that I know, a little more about the dreaded disease.


Eminent oncologists were present to make the attendees aware of oral cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer. This was followed by a session on the importance of a balanced diet and a change in lifestyle to fight cancer. It is a continuous process and has to be followed with due diligence. Often, the awareness of cancer is perhaps the first step in combating it. Equally important aspect is to maintain a positive outlook towards life, which again depends from person to person.



My mom is a primary CNS Lymphoma patient. Apart from regular checkups for the past five years, we as a family need to ensure she maintains a healthy body weight, follows a diet plan, and above all, enjoy life as and when possible.

Once cancer hits, life changes forever – I witness her smiles, pain, and helplessness – and only pray for her happiness and good health.

Words fall short when feelings take over…here is the braveheart in my life! May your mental strength always overcome the physical weakness.


That’s my mom


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