Nurturing a bond through stories


My daughter is four years old now. I started narrating stories to my daughter to take her off screen time. Few months back, she was addicted to her favorite Peppa Pig series, so much so that she refused to talk even in the dinner table and insisted that we play Peppa for her. No amount of scolding or explaining helped. As a mother, I hated the endless ‘shouting and crying’ sessions, especially during dinner time when we three meet after a long and tiring day.

So, I started looking for other options. Parenting rekindles your creative side – I bought her books on Peppa Pig and started reading out loud to her (I realized I should have done this much earlier but it is better late than never!). She started liking our reading time and asked me to narrate a story each time we sat down together. I bought more books for her just to keep up that feeling of excitement. I started reading more stories for her while returning from office so that I can narrate to her when we meet. Stories have always appealed to children from times immemorial and they saved me right in time.

Of late, I started noticing that she developed a liking towards drawing and painting but just like any kido of her age, she gets bored quickly. We as parents constantly have to think how to keep her engaged.  It is at this time I read about #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda and I quickly registered. When my daughter received the package, her eyes twinkled with excitement and curiosity as to what is inside. Once the package was opened, the tiny cartoons of astronauts caught her attention immediately. We sat down with the activities almost immediately.IMG_20170306_205459_2_3IMG_20170306_205432_1_4

Aliens, spaceship, space suit, and rover were all new to her and she weaved her own story that goes like this – she wants to go to the space with her mamma and papa to meet the aliens to befriend them and to share a lolly with them! She wondered what they ate as they looked hungry. She also liked the space suit and hopes to wear one in her fancy dress competition in school just like her friend wore a pilot dress in his school competition! She also narrated “Twinkle twinkle little star” to the UFO. The stars in the bright sky reminds her of Bomma (my aunty in law) whom she met for a brief period of time but developed an instant likeness towards her; so I told her that Bomma is the brightest star in the sky and her blessings are always with us. So, my little one started wondering if her Bomma can see the aliens.


That’s her version of the alien with a lolly 🙂

Amidst many question answer series like why we float in space and cannot wear papa’s helmet there, her tiny fingers waved goodbye and wished good night to all the characters before retiring to bed. And the mother in me is happy that she learned some new words and concepts and also taught me to keep my imagination intact, yet again.


I am learning and unlearning several things with you, my dear! I am evolving…


“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


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