QtPi – Review

I burst out laughing when my friend, Priya told me the name of the company, QtPi. She smiled and said, “Not at all. But I’m glad it sounded nice. I think they’re going to get a lot of attention with their name. As it did to me at the Meetup Bengaluru.”

“Meetup Bengaluru?” I asked.
Pat came the quick reply from Priya, “Yes, I went with an attitude of ‘Window Shopping’, but didn’t see myself writing and talking about it.”
“What happened?”, I asked
I got a very warm welcome as a visitor. I felt at home in few seconds. One person opened a neatly stacked building blocks and carefully took one by one objects (blocks) about the size of date (fruit). It took me to the nostalgic days of building blocks using Lego that had fueled my imagination. But the new building blocks took me to a new journey of experience altogether.
The person at their office (they’re known as QtPi’s) handed those building blocks to me to see, plug and play. The QtPi’s stood at a distance allowing me to slip into moments that fueled my imagination stronger with each idea competing for dominance. ‘What an enthralling experience!’, I said to myself. “I felt it because I thought I have invented something quite good.”
“Wow!,” I exclaimed.
Priya paused for awhile as if sinking into a moment and said, “everybody think they know something but nobody know what are they making of those tiny building blocks at first. I think children and child-like people will like it.” She continued, “If someone asks, are you sure to continue doing ‘Window shopping’ at QtPi? my answer would be, I wouldn’t just do ‘window shopping’ but going to make as a weekend plan with family and friends.”

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