Old Monk and a Half Soul


Here I am sharing a half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend.

Suddenly, one day Sonali’s office cab route changed to accommodate Jatin’s pick up. He was late on the first day and the cab driver told him that the cab only waits for five minutes in each pick up point. Jatin turned to Sonali wearing a confused expression on his face and asked, “Are you the first pick up?” When Sonali nodded a yes, Jatin suggested they exchange their phone numbers so that Sonali can miscall Jatin after her pick up.

They both started talking about office, their respective managers, and soon realised that Jatin’s friend, Amit is Sonali’s team mate and a true blue Bong who loves his fish. Gradually their conversations started revolving around their respective hometowns Kolkata and Kerala – the two cities after all, have so many common things besides the ‘K’. In between their chatters, Sonali realised that Jatin is actually quite shy and has large expressive eyes. One day, when the cab was full and all the cab mates were chatting animatedly, Jatin and Sonali’s eyes met for the first time only to look away within seconds –Jatin was sitting in the front seat and the side mirror let him see Sonali sitting behind the driver – it was very convenient. They started sitting like that every day.

Looking back now, Sonali is unsure what/how the sparks started between them – was it during Amit’s birthday bash which they attended together, or the numerous rides in Jatin’s Yezdi, witnessing the beautiful sunrise at Nandi Hills, or their Old Monk midnight party that gave both of them that ‘kick’. None wanted to commit for strong reasons – Sonali being married and loved her husband and Jatin being five years younger to her. He had a dream to settle in Dubai.

Life is strange; sometimes, we humans cannot name a relationship or rather no attempt should be made to name it or get it a social sanction – it’s perhaps a phase of life that comes as a soft breeze and blows away leaving a smile at the corner of your lips, Sonali thought. To her, he became an image of what is remembered forever but in a different way…

May be it was infatuation, may be it was not…who knows?! Sonali has tried to give it a thought many times but left it at that thinking it was a slice of life that she will forever conceal in her heart. She cannot reason herself to anyone because it was only ‘half’ and was always meant to be like that…

“The night is black and the forest has no end; a million people thread it in a million ways.

We have trysts to keep in the darkness, but where or with whom – of that we are unaware.

But we have this faith – that a lifetime’s bliss will appear any minute, with a smile upon its lips.

Scents, touches, sounds, snatches of songs brush us, pass us, give us delightful shocks.

Then peradventure there’s a flash of lightning: whomever I see that instant I fall in love with.

I call that person and cry: `This life is blest! For your sake such miles have I traversed!’

All those others who came close and moved off in the darkness – I don’t know if they exist or not.”

Rabindranath Tagore

You can see the trailer here. 


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