QtPi Robotics, the “Make in India” initiative

QTPI Robotics is entirely designed and built in house by veterans from Software, Mechatronics, and Integrated Chip industry. They consider fundamentals of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and offer fun filled innovative courses featuring robotic assembly and programming in well-structured schedule. They love robots so much that they manufacture all the parts as pluggable modules for kids can build various shapes of fully functional robots applying their own imagination. 
Yesterday, I met the Chief Commercial Officer of Qtpi, Mr. Santosh Avvannavar to know more about this start up. What I liked most about the concept is the fact that they are changing the definition of play for better.

Santosh Avvannavar

Here are excerpts from the interview.

What is QtPi Robotics? How did the journey start?

QtPi Robotics is into space of building ecosystem for children/kids to build robotic projects. We would like to build an ecosystem that will make children ‘Progressive Thinkers’, where the participant is engaged productively, takes account of the task, tinker with creative thinking and comes out with a uniquely learning outcome. This inturn helps to relate the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The journey started with Mr. Jaison (co-founder) identifying the potential of toys that children could be engaged with learning in it. He wanted to come out with the toys that will not go the shelf to pick sometime but to tinker with it on regular basis so that regressive activities take a back seat. I’m sure many parents agree with that children need to be hooked with better learning activities than just being online. lego

How can it benefit young minds? What is the age group you are targeting?

Keeping individuals engaged is tough task. We believe to have fairly succeeded in catering young minds about designing aspects, programming, fine motor skills, application to real time project and so on. We offer regular workshops/training to children starting from 6 years. But we also have younger audiences too!

A note for parents on QtPi? – safety, security etc.

Our idea of building an ecosystem that will help children to be progressive thinker is something one need to consider and believe in us. When the space is all about positive thinking, other challenges are minimal. All our kits and electronic component are QC tested and safe to work with. Mentors will hand hold the children to build a project.

As the Chief Commercial Officer of QtPi, what do you foresee about the future of robotics?

(Thinks) As far as my understanding goes, automation will largely increase because of the changing landscape, need of human interaction and accelerator activities. The mechanical and unproductive challenges will be owned by robots (automation) and experts will control these robots.

How are you planning to promote QtPi?

We are in the process of building an ecosystem where we partner with non-competitiors to add value. Social media is going to be undoubtedly a great medium to reach the consumers.

What is your thought on India’s start up culture? (2 positives and 1 negative point please)

I feel consumerism is still at a nascent stage here. I’m not talking about buying off the shelf products. See whenever something is offered more cheaply than the actual visible reality or logically or bought because of emotion attached to it, consumers become a prey of buying a compromised quality product. This buy-in is likely to have impact on taking services as it is offered at a price than reality. Either the consumer disposes the product or ends up looking for another product. This would affect the start-up that start ambitiously thinking the consumers are ready to buy the product. There is a need to change the perception on ‘everything that comes from west is good!’ Make In India will take a trajectory growth with government involvement in helping individuals to succeed by partnering.

Do you think that India’s start up culture can help solve India’s current problem of job loss?

I see the following interesting challenge –

Firstly, as much there is a need of multidisciplinary human resource there is crunch of disposable finance to pay the individuals. Secondly, hired employee’s often don’t feel proud of the brand they associates. They often undermine their own role, responsibility and contribution. Thirdly, the government should focus on funding individual ideas as it is done for R & D institutions.

Any advice for India’s budding entrepreneurs?

I am too young to advice people! (smiles) But I do believe that India’s growth lies in being  a value creator. India’s youth has the power to change the future but many are afraid to take the plunge. I think sometimes coming out from the comfort zone helps and taking some risks goes a long way to make you realise your dream.

Qtpi images

Visit the QtPi site for more information.



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