About Me

captureHi there! Welcome to my blog.If you’re reading this, I guess you want to know a little more about me and my blog. I’m Rajashree, I am a content writer by profession (and I do freelancing too), a post graduate in English Literature,  and always have a lot to say almost about everything…’I think therefore I am’.
I do not know whether life is too short or stressfully long (depends on my mood basically) but I definitely believe that it’s worth living! It’s a journey and I have a long way to travel…
I am a nomad at heart, a non-conformist of rules, a believer of spirituality and I mostly look for self-motivation when I am down because if I think I can, I probably can. At times when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech. you never know when I get to use it!!!

I’m a full-time mom! Yes, that’s how I like to describe myself as I believe motherhood is a full-time job. Once a mom, is always a mom – just like any mom, I can be fun-loving, confused, quirky, strict always, in all ways. I am learning and unlearning several things from/for my three-year-old adorable daughter who is my friend as well! She is my inspiration in many ways. When I am not running after her, you will find me blogging, reading, practising yoga or dream away to glory and I make out my own time for things I love!!

My blog, roomofmyown houses all the musings of my soul and helps me to freeze those pieces of memory which I can very fondly revert to in future.

        I would love to work with you if you have any business collab to offer or if you want         me to write book reviews or product reviews.

You can contact me at ghosh.rajashree@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!


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