Book Review: Title is Untitled

Titled is Untitled by Santosh Avvannavar, Kundan Srivastava and Raghunath Babu Are is a compilation of eleven wonderful short stories. This book can be called a work of ‘fiction for a cause’ (just like Dr. Santosh G. Huilgol’s and Santosh Avvannavar’s Second Heart) as each story in it imparts knowledge and awareness about the socialContinue reading “Book Review: Title is Untitled”

Of mothers and birthdays…

Generally, we write a blog post or article ahead of an event or an occasion, but in my case, I write when time permits…and now is my time, so here’s my post 🙂 Yesterday was my birthday. Just like every year, I enjoyed the day, I allowed myself to get some pampering from family membersContinue reading “Of mothers and birthdays…”

Everyone has a reason to pray

Prayer has immense power. It gives strength from within. This is the most important reason for everyone to pray, I believe. Life is not about roses and happiness always, it offers thorns and sadness too. The juxtaposition of these two elements make life complete. Life constantly throws challenges upon us.. it is the courage withContinue reading “Everyone has a reason to pray”


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